With Joy Sablatura Rockwell, MA


Massage Therapy - Spa Services - Energy Work


"Joy is gifted at what she does. She brings a true light, warmth and care to her work.  Her hands and her energy have the ability to heal, refresh and restore."           

- Baron Baptiste, International Yoga Teacher and Author

Massage Therapy, Spa Services, Energy Work

RAW JOY services are complementary and holistic. Some clients prefer outside-in wellness: they begin with massage and raindrop therapy and then find themselves feeling so good that they integrate wellness detox tips beyond the treatment. Other clients seek weight-managment coaching and discover that massage helps remove toxins from the body and facilitates their physical goals and mental well-being.



* Swedish and Deep Massage

* Lymphatic Massage

* Hot Stone Massage

* Balinese Massage

* Reiki

* Medical Qi Gong


* Detox & Inch Loss Herbal Body Wraps

* Raindrop Therapy

* Body Polish and Salt Scrubs