With Joy Sablatura Rockwell, MA




"I feel blessed to have had you as a facilitator at OHI. You are a radiant being of love and light. Being in your presence is divine." - Patti Orison Davis, Health Coach

Meet Joy Sablatura Rockwell, LMT, MA


“I am committed to helping people create optimal health and experience more joy in life.  I help people reduce pain, increase energy, boost their immune systems, heal from chronic illnesses and create their ideal health plan by using educational programs, nutritional consulting, massage therapy and 10 Day Transformation Cleanses.  My mission is to help create a healthier, happier, more loving world, one person at a time.”



Joy is a wellness consultant, massage therapist, and transformation cleanse coach.  After experiencing a major health opportunity 20 years ago, she regained her health using a blend of Western medicine and complementary nutritional and holistic practices.  

After attending the Optimum Health Institute program, she discovered the healing power of raw food and wheatgrass juice, and it was a turning point for her.  She was soon invited to teach over 30+ Mind-Body-Spirit classes on healing and cleansing with juice, raw food and meditation at OHI, which she did for 8 years.

Now, she takes great satisfaction in nurturing her clients and supporting them in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle with RAW JOY.  Most of her clients are interested in detoxification, anti-aging, weight management and athletic performance.  Many also are seeking education about raw food and juicing, meditation and visualization. 

She works with clients to help them become advocates for their own health within traditional medicine and to heal through holistic therapies and nutrition, particularly for conditions like chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders, mental health, vitamin deficiencies, and other health issues that may be difficult to diagnose.

Joy holds a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology with a focus on Consciousness, Health and Healing.  She has a B.S. in Community Health Education and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and Continuing Education Instructor.   Her personal experience with Lyme Disease led her to help start the Texas Lyme Disease Association and she currently serves on its Board of Directors.  She is working on a Meditation for Healing CD, and a Gentle Stretching DVD, which will be available soon.