With Joy Sablatura Rockwell, MA




"Joy is gifted at what she does. She brings a true light, warmth and care to her work.  Her hands and her energy have the ability to heal, refresh and restore."  - Baron Baptiste, International Yoga Teacher and Author

"I feel awesome. I feel really alive.  My cells are singing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I feel great!  I appreciate you!" - Stacy

"Thank goddess for your touch. My body feels so much better.  I feel a total energetic clearing.  Thank you so much! - Lori

"Joy has been a tremendous support to me on several levels. She has taught me a lot about how to achieve greater health and what foods to eat (and avoid) to limit the pain I experience from osteo-arthritis. Joy also coached me through a successful 10 Day Transformation Cleanse. I couldn't have done it without her patient support!" - Bess

“I did the 10 Day Cleanse and achieved what I wanted.  It got me back on track with my healthy eating habits. Joy knows how to establish deep and caring rapport with her clients.  It is easy to tell her the truth and in doing so receive excellent help.  Joy understands, nutrition, raw food, the immune system and how humans establish healthy habits.” - Kerry

"You are so passionate about health.  Your talk was informative and entertaining -- you held my attention the entire time!  I learned so much!" - Sara

"We had the good fortune of consulting with Joy  after my husband was diagnosed with ALS. In our efforts to explore all  possibilities for his neurological weakness we met with Joy who is an expert in the area of Lyme Disease. She was able to educate us about the disease, about the different tests for Lyme as well as the limitations of these tests. She also helped us to be informed medical consumers when talking with physicians. In our journey to explore the possibility of Lyme as a contributing factor to my husbands condition, we are very grateful to have met Joy and to have benefited from her wisdom. There is much to understand about Lyme disease and it is so helpful to have Joy's guidance on this complex topic." - Maureen